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TIME (Dixie Frog 2015)
                           feat. Eric Bibb & Staffan Astner

Live in Europe - From Bremen to Paris (phamosa records 2014) 

tl_files/artists/blues/bigdaddywilson/Im_Your_Man_Cover_225x225.jpg  I'm Your Man (Dixie Frog 2013)

tl_files/artists/blues/bigdaddywilson/thumb a ride.jpeg Thumb A Ride (Ruf Records, 2011)

tl_files/artists/blues/bigdaddywilson/love is the key.jpg Love Is The Key (Ruf Records, 2009)

tl_files/artists/blues/bigdaddywilson/doin´it right.jpg Doin´ it Right (Moonsound, 2008)

tl_files/artists/blues/bigdaddywilson/dvd doin´it right.jpg DVD Doin´ it Right (Moonsound, 2007)